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Oil serves as a blood in your car engine, timely oil and filter change helps to increase the lifespan of your car’s engine.

Draining is the process of replacing the old oil in your engine with new oil. Engine oil has a fundamental role, it lubricates all mechanical parts (valves, connecting rods, camshafts, pistons, cylinders, etc.) to guarantee their optimal interaction without friction. The oil filter removes impurities.

If the lubrication of these parts is poorly ensured on the vehicles, the friction will be numerous and the various elements will be worn out much more quickly. They can even break under the force of mechanical pressures and temperature rises. Good operation, on the other hand, has positive effects on your whole car.

Draining your car by renewing the engine oil and renewing the filter therefore guarantees vehicle longevity, and optimal operation, in both manual and automatic gearboxes.

A quality lubricant helps to ensure optimal system functions, including:

better performance for gasoline consumption, increased driving safety, the increased lifespan of the various mechanical elements of your vehicle.

Car Oil Change Service

What engine oil should you use to change in your car?

Your UAETYRES.COM expert will advise you on the best oil suited to your car model according to its mileage, its use, your driving style (urban or not), while respecting the manufacturer's standards. We are dealing with most premium oil brands like Castrol oil, Mobile1 oil, Total oil etc.

Your expert takes into consideration three criteria for all vehicles to choose oil.

1-The viscosity of the drain oil: it is indicated by two numbers, the first is the cold viscosity, the second the hot viscosity. If your vehicle is equipped with a particulate filter, or your driving places a lot of strain on your engine, the choice is most often a 5W30 type oil. Similarly, there are other oil grades like 10W40,20W50 for 10000 km and 5000 km car service. Be aware that the choice of your engine oil can change the rate of engine oil efficiency, so choose a quality oil.

2-The standards: they are numerous and known to your UAETYRES.COM expert. They differ, for example, according to your fuel (diesel, gasoline, hybrid, etc.) and according to the manufacturer's instructions. Ask us for advice during the overhaul.

3-The brand: Your UAETYRES.COM expert will be able to explain his choice of brand to you. Note that at the same price, it will guarantee you a better-quality oil for all vehicles.

Not all engine oils are of equal quality. Take advantage of UAETYRES.COM rates to choose the best quality at the lowest cost, or a package.

Do not hesitate to let us know your driving style, we will adapt.

Remember to pull the dipstick from time to time to check the level, especially before a long drive.

Oil change is a fundamental maintenance act to be carried out during any overhaul, according to the maintenance log.

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