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All of our cars are equipped with disc brakes and brake pads on each wheel. Pads and discs are an integral part of your car's mechanical braking system. Of course, good quality brake pads provide quality braking. You wonder: when should this change of brake pads be considered?

Brake Repair Services in UAE

When Is This Platelet Change Necessary?

These signs of brake pad wear that should alert you. The brake pad wear indicator lights up on your dashboard.

Likewise, if your brake fluid level reaches the minimum level, you will be informed by another warning light.

A squeaky noise occurs when you press your brake pedal.

When braking, your vehicle tends to roll further to one side.

How to change your brake pads?

The brake pads are inserted into a brake caliper. Each time you use your brake pedal, the calipers tighten the brake discs in order to slow down and stop your vehicle. By rubbing on the discs, your brake pad linings wear out every day. Your braking distance begins to increase. Starting to replace your pads can be considered within everyone's reach. However, this requires rigorous follow-up of the assembly process. So, if you are one of those who thinks of "to each his profession", do not hesitate to look at the advantageous offers or discounted price of brake pads change offered by UAETYRES.COM. Take advantage of a good plan for this type of service and why not go for a discount on the maintenance of your vehicle.

Another one is the vibration and the grinding or growling sound. The vibration is felt because the brake pad is not grabbing the surface evenly. The grinding and growling noise you heard is caused by two pieces of metal the disc and caliper rubbing together that may create uneven surface. If you drive in these conditions make sure to stop and checked your brake for possible repair or replacement.

When driving your car, you start to have doubts about the quality of its braking system. Going to a garage to have your vehicle serviced is above all a guarantee for your safety and that of other road users. If you regularly heard a high- pitched screeching sound when you apply the break its time for you to make your car brake repair appointment. Make an appointment as quickly as possible with UAETYRES.COM to call on our Toll Free: 800 525. If necessary, your brake pads will be changed. Many garages highlight their maintenance package. Professional advice is always good to follow. With a well-maintained brake system, you will retain the original performance of your car.

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Experts In Brake Pad Change And Replacement In Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Brake pads can last anywhere between 10,000 and 40,000kms, depending on your driving style. While aggressive braking can result in premature wear and tear, sedate driving can make the brake pads last up to 40,000 kms or more.

If your braking doesn't feel as effective as before, perhaps your brake pads are due for cleaning or replacement. Brake pad cleaning is a maintenance job performed once in two years to remove the carbon build-up from the surface of the brake pad.

However, if your brake pads have worn-out beyond the scope of cleaning, then it should be replaced.

Worn-out brake pads not only reduce the braking performance but also damage the brake rotor, which is quite expensive to replace. That said, as soon as you start to hear any squeaky noise while braking, bring your car to us for quick brake diagnosis.

Checking brake pads is part of the routine maintenance service at UAETyres. As we remove the wheels for balancing, we will also check the condition of brake pads and recommend cleaning/replacement accordingly.

We have OEM, aftermarket and high-performance brake pads for all major models and makes.

How We Can Help You At UAETyres

UAETyres is committed to your safety and satisfaction while ensuring your vehicle is in good standing. We are passionate about cars and that's the reason why we enjoy servicing and repairing them. After all the hard work that we do, it gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction to see customers drive away with a smile.

At UAETyres, we can help you with brake servicing, repair and replacement. Whether your car needs a brake pad cleaning, replacement, rotor repair or brake fluid change, we have the tools and skills to give your brakes a quick redo, so you can drive safely and confidently.

When we top-off or change your vehicle's brake fluid, we are extremely careful about what we put into your vehicle. Just like engine oil, the brake fluid is available in different grades. Using the wrong grade can give you performance issues or even lead to brake failure. That is why all our technicians are instructed to use the manufacturer-recommended brake oil for your vehicle.

If you are facing any kind of problem with your brake system, visit the nearest UAETyres workshop or give us a call for mobile assistance.