Brake Repair & Service

This kind of routine maintenance that you should not ignore. It is one of the most important safety components of your vehicle and your safe driving depends on how your brake works. There are some indicators that determine if your brake is in good or in bad condition. But, you cannot just rely to those warning signals; you can determine by looking if there is something strange going on your brake. First check your brake pad, generally it is at least ¼ inch of pad if it is less than ¼ it should be inspect or replaced. You should be aware of the sound if you regularly heard a high- pitched screeching sound when you apply the break its time for you to make a repair appointment.

Another one is the vibration and the grinding or growling sound. The vibration is felt because the brake pad is not grabbing the surface evenly. The grinding and growling noise you heard is caused by two piece of metal the disc and calliper rubbing together that may create uneven surface. If you drive in these conditions make sure to stop and checked your brake for possible repair or replacement. offers complete brake inspection including repair and replacement. Our trained professional can handle it and ensure to give you only the safest ride on the road.

Brake Repair Service UAE