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Car Window Tinting in UAE

Car tinting is not only a great solution for improving privacy, but it is a safe investment to enhance the cosmetics of your vehicle, increase protection against the sunlight, and achieve additional shielding against the breaking of glass. Keep your car cool, block UV rays, reduce glare, add style, and protect your vehicle interiors with window tinting services by UAETyres.

We are a professional window tinting company that provides comprehensive window tint solutions. UAETyres professional Car Tinting service is at your doorstep all over the UAE.

Our professional window tinting can block up to 99% ultraviolet rays and up to 35% to 85% of the heat build-up in your Car.

According to the UAE Law passed in 2017, 50% tinting is allowed on car windows except for the windscreen. Therefore, choosing a reliable car tinting service provider for your Car is crucial to avoid fines or penalties. Fines on illegal tinting start from AED 1000 and go up depending on the excess over the limit of 50%.

UAETyres uses the industry's highly durable, scratch-resistant, and best-quality coating materials. Our Car window tint installation typically ranges from 1 to 4 hours if there is no previous film to be removed.

Car Window Tinting

Superior Quality Car Window Tinting Services

Window tinting is a fantastic way to stylize your Car. Our company has the tools, manpower, resources, and experience to deliver unparalleled solutions to meet your specific needs. We understand your varied needs and bring innovative window films that meet your specific demands regarding sun protection, lighting ergonomics, and temperature control.

Your Car is our responsibility. Get top-quality tinting solutions and get-

Heat Protection

UV Rays Reduction

Reduce Glare


Exquisite Looks


UAETyres offers Car window tinting in two forms:

Factory tint – These are the windows made with glass that has been dyed to include a tint

After-market tint: Here, we apply a film to the car windows after manufacturing, such as windshield tint strips.

What Is Included In Our Window Tinting Service?

Our Window Tinting service includes:

Interior cleaning by air and vacuum

Applying foam shampoo on the car body

Window glass detailing & rubber cleaning

Automatic Drying

Interior & Exterior final cleaning with microfiber towels

Tires polishing (optional)

Tint film application as per the customer desire

Benefits Of Window Tinting

Block UV Rays: According to research, skin cancer is most commonly found on the body's left (driver's) side. Tinting your windows can reduce the impact of those rays. Most tints can block up to 99% of the Sun's UV radiation.

Reduce Glare: The Car Window films help reduce the glare and provide clear vision so that the driver can focus on the road.

Style: Cars look way better with the tint installed, giving them a more stylish look.

Debris Protection: Window tint in the Car helps in the event of a crash by keeping the glass from exploding all over the place. The glass stays attached to the tint as it acts as a large piece of tape.

Privacy: Window tints can provide you with an extra layer of privacy. And the darker shades almost even allow no visibility inside your Car.

Interiors Protection: Window tint can block the harsh sun, preventing fading on your upholstery, leather, or dash.

Why Choose UAETyres For Car Window Tinting?

Trust: Getting your tint done by an inexperienced vendor or using a poor-quality film will not only waste your money but will also blur the vision and cause damage to the glass when removed. At UAETyres, we recommend and use high-quality materials for tinting and get the job done by an expert.

Expertise: In the UAE, temperatures can go as high as 50 degrees Celsius. Therefore, poor tinting choices and improper application often lead to undesired results for the owner. We have been serving the UAE market for years and are aware of the weather conditions which have a direct impact on the car's interior and exterior body.

Highly-skilled Technicians: With top-of-the-line tinting products or applying paint protection film to your classic car, our team's experience and professionalism are second to none.

Warranty: At UAETyres, we use premium products. Our Car Tint material will never interfere with the car's radio frequencies, navigation, and defrosting systems. We provide a warranty on our services.

Best in the UAE: UAETyres is a well-established and trusted brand with a strong presence in multiple cities- Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain.

Affordable: The UAETyres car tinting is available at a very reasonable rate, making it affordable for everyone to install on the car for complete protection of its interior.