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UAETyres - Ford Auto Service and Repair in UAE

Ford Auto Service and Repair in UAE

Experienced Auto Repair Technicians Working on Ford Vehicles in UAE

We provides a full range of Ford Repair and Ford Service for your Ford in the UAE, We are a full automotive repair shop in UAE. Our technicians can handle all your Ford vehicle repairs and services from brake repairs to engine problems, we do it all. Check out some of our services below. Ford Repair and Maintenance Services:

  • Ford Computer Diagnostics.
  • Ford Quick Service.
  • Ford’s Major And Minor Service.
  • Ford General Maintenance And Repair.
  • Ford Engine Repair.
  • Ford’s Transmission And Gearbox Repair.
  • Ford Suspension Repair.
  • Ford Ac Repair.
  • Ford’s Brakes Repair.
  • Ford Oil Change.
  • Ford Full Vehicle Inspection.
  • Ford’s Body Work.
  • Ford Convertible Roof Repair.
  • Ford Ceramic Coating And Paint Protection.

If you’re looking for honest and expert auto repair, reliable vehicle performance, and safe transportation, please call us:- Toll Free: 800 525 , schedule an appointment online, or visit our UAE Tyres Garage . We’d be honored to deliver the outstanding level of service and expert auto repair you expect and deserve for your Ford.

Our full-service Ford repair shop can perform the following services; oil change, brake pads/rotor service and repair, air conditioning service, shock/struts service and repair, suspension service and repair, wheel alignment, clutch service and repair, automatic transmission repairs, and belts/hoses replacement.

Bring Your Car Down To Our Ford Service Center In Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi

Is your Ford vehicle giving you a tough time on the road? Does it accelerate poorly or make grinding noises as you shift gears? Please bring it to us for a quick diagnosis, followed by appropriate repair solutions to get you back on the road in no time.

Ford vehicles are known for their performance and reliability. Unlike German vehicles, they are easy to fix if something goes wrong. We have multiple service centers in the UAE and offer roadside breakdown assistance so you can drive with peace of mind knowing that someone has got your back.

Our technicians have years of experience in repairing Ford cars, SUVs and pick-up trucks as per the manufacturer's specifications and at a relatively low cost compared to the dealership. 

With state-of-the-art equipment and specialized knowledge of Ford vehicles, our goal is not to compete with the local Ford dealership but to provide maximum service satisfaction to customers and make their vehicles feel right at home. 

Apart from repairing mainstream Ford SUVs, sedans and pick-ups, we can also service and repair old and new models of Mustang GT and Mustang Shelby GT500. These vehicles are performance-oriented and must be serviced on time and as per the manufacturer's specifications.

Our Ford Services Include

Ford Computer Diagnostics.

Ford Quick Service.

Ford's Major And Minor Service.

Ford General Maintenance And Repair.

Ford Engine Repair.

Ford's Transmission And Gearbox Repair.

Ford Suspension Repair.

Ford Ac Repair.

Ford's Brakes Repair.

Ford Oil Change.

Ford Full Vehicle Inspection.

Ford's Body Work.

Ford Convertible Roof Repair.

Ford Ceramic Coating And Paint Protection.

Ceramic Coating And Paint Protection]\

Why Pick UAETyres for your next Ford Repair in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi?

UAETyres is a locally owned and operated car workshop that understands what your car needs to endure the harsh weather and road conditions.

UAETyres for your next Ford Repair

Your vehicle should be serviced at least once a year. And our goal is to ensure it performs 100% during that year without breaking down. The easiest way to do that is through a thorough diagnosis and replacement of parts that might fail in a year or two. For instance, if your vehicle is three years old, it will likely need new brake pads soon. By replacing the brake pads on time, you can prevent the hazards of a brake failure.

The same goes with clutch plates, batteries, timing belts and other crucial components that must be replaced before they snap and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere or get you into an accident.

UAETyres is trusted by hundreds of Ford owners across Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. It's a no-brainer that building trust takes time. But UAETyres has done it many times over by delivering quality services consistently for years. 

We know that a happy customer will return to us whenever they need us, and an unhappy customer will go straight to our competitor. So we won't do anything to lose your business and will do everything to make you a long-term customer.

Give us a call now and let us know how we can help you. If your Ford vehicle is due for a service, give us a ring, and we will book you right in.

UAE Tyres works on these Ford vehicles and more:

1998 Ford Club Wagon, 1997 Ford Club Wagon, 1996 Ford Club Wagon, 1995 Ford Club Wagon, 1994 Ford Club Wagon, 1993 Ford Club Wagon, 1992 Ford Club Wagon, 1991 Ford Club Wagon, 1990 Ford Club Wagon, 1989 Ford Club Wagon 2000 Ford Contour, 1999 Ford Contour, 1998 Ford Contour, 1997 Ford Contour, 1996 Ford Contour, 1995 Ford Contour 1997 Ford Probe, 1996 Ford Probe, 1995 Ford Probe, 1994 Ford Probe, 1993 Ford Probe, 1992 Ford Probe, 1991 Ford Probe, 1990 Ford Probe, 1989 Ford Probe 1997 Ford Aspire, 1996 Ford Aspire, 1995 Ford Aspire, 1994 Ford Aspire 2002 Ford Escort, 2001 Ford Escort, 2000 Ford Escort, 1999 Ford Escort, 1998 Ford Escort, 1997 Ford Escort, 1996 Ford Escort, 1995 Ford Escort, 1994 Ford Escort, 1993 Ford Escort, 1992 Ford Escort, 1991 Ford Escort, 1990 Ford Escort, 1989 Ford Escort 2003 Ford ZX2, 2002 Ford ZX2, 2001 Ford ZX2 2009 Ford Ranger, 2008 Ford Ranger, 2007 Ford Ranger, 2006 Ford Ranger, 2005 Ford Ranger, 2004 Ford Ranger, 2003 Ford Ranger, 2002 Ford Ranger, 2001 Ford Ranger, 2000 Ford Ranger, 1999 Ford Ranger, 1998 Ford Ranger, 1997 Ford Ranger, 1996 Ford Ranger, 1995 Ford Ranger, 1994 Ford Ranger, 1993 Ford Ranger, 1992 Ford Ranger, 1991 Ford Ranger, 1990 Ford Ranger, 1989 Ford Ranger 2003 Ford Windstar, 2002 Ford Windstar, 2001 Ford Windstar, 2000 Ford Windstar, 1999 Ford Windstar, 1998 Ford Windstar, 1997 Ford Windstar, 1996 Ford Windstar, 1995 Ford Windstar 2003 Ford Explorer Sport, 2002 Ford Explorer Sport, 2001 Ford Explorer Sport, 2000 Ford Explorer Sport 1997 Ford Aerostar, 1996 Ford Aerostar, 1995 Ford Aerostar,1994 Ford Aerostar, 1993 Ford Aerostar, 1992 Ford Aerostar, 1991 Ford Aerostar, 1990 Ford Aerostar, 1989 Ford Aerostar 2009 Ford Edge, 2008 Ford Edge, 2007 Ford Edge 2009 Ford Expedition EL, 2008 Ford Expedition EL, 2007 Ford Expedition EL 2009 Ford Flex 2009 Ford Taurus X, 2008 Ford Taurus X 1990 Ford Bronco II, 1989 Ford Bronco II 1994 Ford Tempo, 1993 Ford Tempo, 1992 Ford Tempo, 1991 Ford Tempo, 1990 Ford Tempo, 1989 Ford Tempo 1996 Ford Bronco, 1995 Ford Bronco, 1994 Ford Bronco, 1993 Ford Bronco, 1992 Ford Bronco, 1991 Ford Bronco, 1990 Ford Bronco, 1989 Ford Bronco 1991 Ford Country Squire, 1990 Ford Country Squire, 1989 Ford Country Squire 1993 Ford Festiva, 1992 Ford Festiva, 1991 Ford Festiva, 1990 Ford Festiva, 1989 Ford Festiva 2009 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, 2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, 2006 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, 2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac 2009 Ford Taurus, 2008 Ford Taurus, 2007 Ford Taurus, 2006 Ford Taurus, 2005 Ford Taurus, 2004 Ford Taurus, 2003 Ford Taurus, 2002 Ford Taurus, 2001 Ford Taurus, 2000 Ford Taurus, 1999 Ford Taurus, 1998 Ford Taurus, 1997 Ford Taurus, 1996 Ford Taurus, 1995 Ford Taurus, 1994 Ford Taurus, 1993 Ford Taurus, 1992 Ford Taurus, 1991 Ford Taurus, 1990 Ford Taurus, 1989 Ford Taurus 2009 Ford Mustang, 2008 Ford Mustang, 2007 Ford Mustang, 2006 Ford Mustang, 2005 Ford Mustang, 2004 Ford Mustang, 2003 Ford Mustang, 2002 Ford Mustang, 2001 Ford Mustang, 2000 Ford Mustang, 1999 Ford Mustang, 1998 Ford Mustang, 1997 Ford Mustang, 1996 Ford Mustang, 1995 Ford Mustang, 1994 Ford Mustang, 1993 Ford Mustang, 1992 Ford Mustang, 1991 Ford Mustang, 1990 Ford Mustang, 1989 Ford Mustang 2009 Ford Escape, 2008 Ford Escape, 2007 Ford Escape, 2006 Ford Escape, 2005 Ford Escape, 2004 Ford Escape, 2003 Ford Escape, 2002 Ford Escape, 2001 Ford Escape 2009 Ford Econoline, 2008 Ford Econoline, 2007 Ford Econoline, 2006 Ford Econoline, 2005 Ford Econoline, 2004 Ford Econoline, 2003 Ford Econoline, 2002 Ford Econoline, 2001 Ford Econoline, 2000 Ford Econoline, 1999 Ford Econoline, 1998 Ford Econoline, 1997 Ford Econoline, 1996 Ford Econoline, 1995 Ford Econoline, 1994 Ford Econoline, 1993 Ford Econoline, 1992 Ford Econoline, 1991 Ford Econoline, 1990 Ford Econoline, 1989 Ford Econoline 2006 Ford GT, 2005 Ford GT 2009 Ford Crown Victoria, 2008 Ford Crown Victoria, 2007 Ford Crown Victoria, 2006 Ford Crown Victoria, 2005 Ford Crown Victoria, 2004 Ford Crown Victoria, 2003 Ford Crown Victoria, 2002 Ford Crown Victoria, 2001 Ford Crown Victoria, 2000 Ford Crown Victoria, 1999 Ford Crown Victoria, 1998 Ford Crown Victoria, 1997 Ford Crown Victoria, 1996 Ford Crown Victoria, 1995 Ford Crown Victoria, 1994 Ford Crown Victoria, 1993 Ford Crown Victoria, 1992 Ford Crown Victoria, 1991 Ford Crown Victoria, 1990 Ford Crown Victoria, 1989 Ford Crown Victoria 2007 Ford Five Hundred, 2006 Ford Five Hundred, 2005 Ford Five Hundred 2009 Ford Fusion, 2008 Ford Fusion, 2007 Ford Fusion, 2006 Ford Fusion 2009 Ford Focus, 2008 Ford Focus, 2007 Ford Focus, 2006 Ford Focus, 2005 Ford Focus, 2004 Ford Focus, 2003 Ford Focus, 2002 Ford Focus, 2001 Ford Focus, 2000 Ford Focus 2009 Ford Expedition, 2008 Ford Expedition, 2007 Ford Expedition, 2006 Ford Expedition, 2005 Ford Expedition, 2004 Ford Expedition, 2003 Ford Expedition, 2002 Ford Expedition, 2001 Ford Expedition, 2000 Ford Expedition, 1999 Ford Expedition, 1998 Ford Expedition, 1997 Ford Expedition 2005 Ford Excursion, 2004 Ford Excursion, 2003 Ford Excursion, 2002 Ford Excursion, 2001 Ford Excursion, 2000 Ford Excursion 2009 Ford F450, 2008 Ford F450 2007 Ford Freestyle, 2006 Ford Freestyle, 2005 Ford Freestyle 2007 Ford Freestar, 2006 Ford Freestar, 2005 Ford Freestar, 2004 Ford Freestar 2005 Ford Thunderbird, 2004 Ford Thunderbird, 2003 Ford Thunderbird, 2002 Ford Thunderbird, 1997 Ford Thunderbird, 1996 Ford Thunderbird, 1995 Ford Thunderbird, 1994 Ford Thunderbird, 1993 Ford Thunderbird, 1992 Ford Thunderbird, 1991 Ford Thunderbird, 1990 Ford Thunderbird, 1989 Ford Thunderbird 2009 Ford Explorer, 2008 Ford Explorer, 2007 Ford Explorer, 2006 Ford Explorer, 2005 Ford Explorer, 2004 Ford Explorer, 2003 Ford Explorer, 2002 Ford Explorer, 2001 Ford Explorer, 2000 Ford Explorer, 1999 Ford Explorer, 1998 Ford Explorer, 1997 Ford Explorer, 1996 Ford Explorer, 1995 Ford Explorer, 1994 Ford Explorer, 1993 Ford Explorer, 1992 Ford Explorer, 1991 Ford Explorer 2009 Ford F150, 2008 Ford F150, 2007 Ford F150, 2006 Ford F150, 2005 Ford F150, 2004 Ford F150, 2003 Ford F150, 2002 Ford F150, 2001 Ford F150, 2000 Ford F150, 1999 Ford F150, 1998 Ford F150, 1997 Ford F150, 1996 Ford F150, 1995 Ford F150, 1994 Ford F150, 1993 Ford F150, 1992 Ford F150, 1991 Ford F150, 1990 Ford F150, 1989 Ford F150 2009 Ford F350, 2008 Ford F350, 2007 Ford F350, 2006 Ford F350, 2005 Ford F350, 2004 Ford F350, 2003 Ford F350, 2002 Ford F350, 2001 Ford F350, 2000 Ford F350, 1999 Ford F350, 1997 Ford F350, 1996 Ford F350, 1995 Ford F350, 1994 Ford F350, 1993 Ford F350, 1992 Ford F350, 1991 Ford F350, 1990 Ford F350, 1989 Ford F350 2009 Ford F250, 2008 Ford F250, 2007 Ford F250, 2006 Ford F250, 2005 Ford F250, 2004 Ford F250, 2003 Ford F250, 2002 Ford F250, 2001 Ford F250, 2000 Ford F250, 1999 Ford F250, 1998 Ford F250, 1997 Ford F250, 1996 Ford F250, 1995 Ford F250, 1994 Ford F250, 1993 Ford F250, 1992 Ford F250, 1991 Ford F250, 1990 Ford F250, 1989 Ford F250