Car Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning has become an essential comfort equipment. It is often when restarting that it may show signs of weakness. To avoid discovering them once the first heat has set in, regular maintenance is strongly recommended. You would like to know what the maintenance of your car's air conditioning involves, what it is recommended to watch out for, and whom need to service your car air condition. Let yourself be guided by UAETYRES.COM

Car air conditioning: its maintenance, what you need to know.

Since 1987, our approved professionals maintain car air conditioning. Various car AC service offers are available to you, especially in fine weather. We have range from free control to complete overhaul. If our mechanic has the required approval, he can service your air conditioning at the same time as your entire car. At the slightest leak in your air conditioning system, or the slightest problem detected, quickly make an appointment with our car AC specialist. Air conditioning is maintained every 2 years with two interventions to alternate:

Overhaul, that is to say checking and cleaning the circuit with an anti-bacterial treatment;

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Air conditioning recharging which includes cleaning the circuit, recharging gas and replacing the cabin filter.

To preserve your air conditioning, it is recommended to run it for at least 5 minutes every two weeks in winter.

Car air conditioning: the signs of failure that alert you.

Poor maintenance can lead to compressor failure. Be careful because this is the most expensive part of your air conditioning system. Here are the three characteristic signs that let you know when it is time to have your vehicle's air conditioning system checked:

A lack of cold with the cause of insufficient refrigerant or the deterioration of certain parts such as the passenger compartment filter, the defective expansion valve, the blocked condenser or even the out-of-service compressor;

Metallic noise when the air conditioning is on. It is the compressor that is failing;

Fog that appears on your windshield when you turn on your air conditioning. In this case, it is necessary either to replace the dehydrator or to increase the air flow at the nozzle outlet.

Car air conditioning: maintenance, repair or change.

Several options are available to you. It is does not matter where you are living in UAE and want Car AC service in Dubai, Car AC service in Sharjah, Car AC service in Abu Dhabi, Car AC service in Al Ain, Car AC service in Ajman. You will find excellent professionals Car AC service center near to you at UAETYRES.COM who can service, repair or change your air conditioning system depending on the various problems encountered.