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Below are some of the many auto repair services we offer:

Tyres Shop in UAE

UAETyres is an online retail store which is part of the Gulf Coast Group. With strong presence in multiple cities across the UAE, our well-established workshops are stocked with a wide range of tyres for all major models and makes. We are not just a tyre shop but a pit stop for your car. Apart from tyre installation and balancing, we also offer battery change, oil change and essential checks to ensure your safety on the road.

Need a new set of tyres for your ride? Check out our huge selection of tyres from premium brands like Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear and more. We have tyres for all models and makes, from Toyota to Lamborghini and everything in between.

We can provide OEM tyres for your vehicle and recommend a suitable tyre width and height if you want to upgrade. Visit our tyre center and choose from a wide range of tyres according to your needs and budget.

Tyres Shop in UAE


Too busy to visit us? Place your order online and have your tires delivered to your doorstep along with installation assistance. Enter your tyre specifications and explore options from different brands. If you are not sure about your vehicle’s tyre specifications, use our website’s search algorithm to find the right tyre according to your vehicle’s make and model.

Roads in Dubai and across the UAE are extremely hot during the day. As a result, the tyres can heat up quickly at highway speeds, leading to a tyre-burst situation. That is why it is important to use branded tyres since they are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and road friction.


The Most Exhaustive Selection of Branded Tyres

From hot hatches to premium sedans to sports cars and desert safaris, we have a tyre for every vehicle on and off the road. Besides, we have a special collection for car enthusiasts who want bigger and wider tires to enhance their car's stance, visual appeal and road stability. We have high-profile BFGoodrich tyres for off-road vehicles that offer unmatched traction during rock crawling, desert rides and other off-road adventures.


All our tyres are covered under manufacturer warranty, and prices are inclusive of VAT, installation and balancing so that you can drive home stress-free with a new set of tyres.


We Offer Quality, Commitment And Customer Satisfaction

Your safety is our priority. That's why we offer only premium tyres brands that go through rigorous testing and pass multiple quality checks before reaching the customer. From high-performance tyres for your sports car to economical tyres that can get you from point A to B safely, we have something for everyone. 


When it comes to buying a new set of tyres, fitment is the first thing that concerns most buyers. With us, you will get manufacturer-recommended tyres for your vehicle, followed by a 100% fitment guarantee. Furthermore, if you want to upgrade your tyres and rims, our technicians can walk you through suitable options for your vehicle and budget.


While you explore our tyre collection to find the right match for your vehicle, we will run a quick diagnostic on your vehicle to ensure everything is in optimum condition and top off engine fluids if necessary.


If you didn't find what you were looking for, give us a call. We will try our best to source your preferred tyre profile at no extra cost.



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