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Rim Repair Service in UAE

Driving a vehicle with damaged rims can be too risky. Even minor wheel rim cracks can affect your vehicle's handling and fuel economy. Plus, Rims are the most important part of giving your car a clean, sporty, and luxurious look. At The UAETyres, we use the most advanced and latest rim repair technology. Please book your appointment with our skilled rim repair specialists to get the best Rim repair service in the UAE.

GET YOUR BEAUTIFUL RIMS BACK TO NEW with our Rim Paint Services, Alloy Wheel Rim repair & Color Change Service and Rim Straightening services. In less than one hour, our experts can remove the damaged wheel, fix and refurbish the rim, match the original manufacturer's paint finish and re-lacquer the wheel. What are you waiting for? Visit UAETyres today.

Rim Repair Service

Does Your Car Need Rim Repair Service?

Look for These Signs – And Prevent Damage To Your Car!

If you continue to drive with a bent/damaged rim, you could be putting yourself and your car – at great risk. Visit our service center, if your car seems to show any of these signs:

Vibration And Shakiness in the Steering

One of the most obvious signs of a bent rim is shakiness and vibration in the steering after a certain speed.

Your Car Isn’t Handling The Way It Used To

If you feel any issues with tire pressure, get a quick visual inspection.

There Is Visible Damage To Your Wheel

Your Tire Keeps Deflating

If your tire is deflating quickly, and you find yourself filling it up every few weeks, it indicates some tire or rim damage. If you continue driving on this tire or rim, you could be at risk of a serious blowout.

Our Rim Repair Services Restore Damaged Alloy Wheels Back To A Factory New Condition:

Nearly 90% of newly manufactured cars come with Alloy Wheels. Unfortunately, potholes and rough roads can easily damage the alloy wheel rim. The good news is that most alloy rims can now be cost-effectively and quickly repaired with our alloy wheel SMART Repair Service in the UAE.

In less than one hour, our expert technicians can remove the damaged alloy wheel, fix and refurbish it to match the original manufacturer's paint finish. Result? A nicely repaired alloy wheel rim. PLUS, YOU SAVE THE COST OF RIM REPLACEMENT.

Our Wheel And Rim Repair Services Include:

Rim Inspection

Before starting the process, our technicians analyze the rims and then recommend a proper rim treatment. We fix all kinds of dents caused due to driving on rough roads and accidents.

Alloy Wheel/Rim Refurbishment Services

If the rim is bent out of shape, it will not hold air, and the tyres will wear unevenly. Instead of changing the wheel, we will get it refurbished and remove the bend.

Bent Rim Repair and Rim Straightening Services

At UAETyres, you can get your vehicle's wheel rim straightened, so you don't have to replace your wheel. It further helps to increase the life of your tires.

Rim & Brake Caliper Paint and Colour Change Services

UAETyres provides Custom and attractive Brakes Calipers painting for your car. Please choose a color of your choice, and our skilled experts will do the rest.

Rim Polishing Services

If your wheels look dirty, give them a facelift with our expert wheel polishing services. UAETyres is the best wheel customization specialist providing professional wheel polishing services that transform the look of your vehicle.

Rim Welding

Instead of replacing the wheel, we offer genuine Rim Welding services. The cost of Rim Welding is way less than the replacement price. Our team uses high-quality materials to give an original look to the cracked wheel.

Why Choose UAETyres For Rim Repair In Dubai?

Experience: Only a few dedicated tire shops in Dubai offer Rim repair and dent repair services. At UAETyres, we have repaired countless customized alloys to remove cracks and scratches.

One-stop Rim Repair and Restoration Shop: Damaged Rims can compromise safety and the steering control also becomes challenging. The hot climate of the UAE can also damage the paint and polish. Hence, we provide every imaginable rim repair service when it comes to restoration.

Skilled Professionals: We have an expert team to fix cracked rims in the UAE. Depending on the repair required, our team uses blasting, repainting, lacquering and a combination of delicate and advanced repair techniques to transform your wheels for better appearance and performance.

Wide Range of Services: We offer a comprehensive range of services including scratch and dent repair, rim restoration, repair of cracked wheels, repainting, and customization of wheels.

Best in the UAE: UAETyres is a well-established and trusted brand with a strong presence in multiple cities- Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Al Ain.