Car Battery Service

the main function of a car battery is in order to start the car engine. Once you start the car it also powers all of the electrical components in your ride from your lights to your AC and your radio. Your battery is chargeable, if the battery is losing its charge it will have a harder time running these things to full power.

The lifespan of the battery depend on vehicles and its condition. If you’re driving in an ideal conditions with no extreme temperature and no excessive humidity the battery last longer but in cases like here in UAE to prevent your battery from dying during hot summer weather or cold in winter make sure to always keep it in the best shape as possible. Get a battery check before summer or winter hits to equip your battery during these severe temperature swings that may cause a problem.

For battery replacement, recharging or any needs you can visit in any of our shop branch or just give us a call at Tel no. 06-5616004

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