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Best Car Insurance

Find the Best Car Insurance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, UAE

You don't have to buy the first car insurance product offered to you or the cheapest one available on the market. Car insurance can be a major investment for most people, and finding the right deal can save a lot of money upfront as well as down the road.

But you don't have to sift through numerous options to find the best insurance for your car. Let us know your vehicle's details, and we will find an insurance policy that checks all the boxes for you.

We understand that every vehicle owner is unique, and so are their insurance needs. That is why we scout out the most suitable options that give you the best coverage and value for money.

As said above, you don't have to buy the first insurance product that is offered to you by your dealership or existing insurance provider. Knowing your options and corresponding prices will help you make an informed decision and save yourself from paying extra for coverage benefits that you don't need. So let's understand your options first.

Type of Car Insurance

There are mainly two types of car insurance.

#1 Comprehensive

When you have this add-on on your insurance policy, the dealership will handle all kinds of accidental repairs. This is an important add-on for luxury vehicles and expensive sports cars.

#2 Third Party

Third-party insurance covers damages caused to the other vehicle involved in an accident with you. However, this insurance will not pay for your accidental repairs.

Consider a scenario wherein you get into a fender-bender situation, and the other car involved in the accident receives major dents and scratches. In that case, third party insurance will cover their repair expenses, and you will be off the hook.

A third party insurance premium is cheaper than comprehensive insurance since the former doesn't insure all the parties involved in the accident.

Through UAETyres, you can purchase suitable insurance based on your requirements and budget.

What Is Covered In Car Insurance Policy Taken In UAE?

A comprehensive car insurance policy covers accidental damage caused by self or another vehicle, whereas a third party policy only covers damages to the other party involved in the accident.

However, when you buy a car insurance policy in the UAE, you can purchase certain add-ons to enjoy additional benefits, such as:

Car Insurance covers

#1 Dealership Repair

When you have this add-on on your insurance policy, the dealership will handle all kinds of accidental repairs. This is an important add-on for luxury vehicles and expensive sports cars.

#2 Roadside Assistance

Getting into an accident is a terrible experience, but towing your vehicle from the accident scene to the dealership is another hassle that needs to be dealt with. With roadside assistance as an add-on, a flat-bed tow vehicle will arrive on the spot and transport you and your vehicle to the nearest dealership, where you can get your vehicle repaired under an insurance claim.

#3 GCC insurance

GCC Insurance is a mandatory add-on if you want to drive to neighboring nations, such as Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

#4 Driver's and Passenger's Personal Accident Insurance

If the driver and passenger suffered major injuries in an accident, this add-on would offer compensation for the same. It also includes a death cover of 200,000 AED per person.

#5 Medical Cover

This add-on will cover the hospital bills of the driver and passengers who may have suffered injuries in an accident. The only caveat is there's a certain limit to how much you can claim, and the claim must be made within 24 hours after the accident.

Choose The Right Cover For You

Depending on which insurance type you want and which add-ons you find useful, we can help you choose the right cover for you and your vehicle.

All the paperwork will be handled by our experts and handed over to you upon the successful completion of the application process. Provide us with your vehicle's details or existing insurance details, and we will take care of the rest.

Why Buy Your Car Insurance Through Us?

At UAETyres, we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and protecting their interests. Get in touch with us over the phone or visit the nearest UAETyres center, and we will walk you through suitable options according to your needs and budget.